Mental Performance Coach, Biofeedback Practitioner,  Professional Athlete


Andrea Dias is a mental performance coach who experienced firsthand the many facets of an athlete’s life while competing on a professional bodyboarding World Tour. After experiencing physical and emotional pain as well as joy, happiness, and travel when participating in competitions; she became fascinated with exploring sport psychology to understand it all better. Although athletes often portray their lives in seemingly perfect terms that do not encompass losses or criticism they encounter along the way, Andrea sought to uncover how sports shape more than just our bodies – but also help build mental strength through adversity.

Andrea’s life of pursuing excellence in sport and academia has led her to dream of a career as a Performance Psychology practitioner. To gain the necessary knowledge for this field, she traveled inside America, learning from some of the greatest minds that have shaped Sports Psychology history in the US- “borrowing their brains”; something only a few professionals can relate to due to having both practical experiences as an athlete and academic clout. This allows Andrea to have greater insight into what it takes for athletes to reach success at all levels – including making a living off sports itself!

Drawing on her years of experience as a competitive athlete, coupled with an in-depth understanding of sport and performance psychology, Andrea has dedicated herself to helping others realize their true potential and achieve goals they never believed possible. For Andrea, there is no greater reward than witnessing the success stories that sprout from her clients’ efforts!

Andrea is committed to helping athletes reach their goals and realize their dreams. To do that, she continually hones her skills in order to provide the best possible service for them, but it does not stop there – as a biofeedback practitioner, she empowers people to reduce stress while improving performance at work, school, or other areas of their lives.

Her passion lies in furthering holistic approaches towards well-being so that not only athletes can benefit from it! And if you are striving for success during your next competition or workplace presentation – whether on an individual level or part of a team – chat with Andrea about sport psychology interventions that could help you achieve your goals.

And if you think you can benefit from Andrea’s skills, do not hesitate to book your free consultation.

Andrea C. Dias, MA, ABSP-BC, BCB

  • Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology
  • American Board of Sport Psychology; Board Certified Consultant in Sport Psychology (ABSP:BC)
  • Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA); Board Certified in Peripheral Biofeedback (BCB)
  • Certified Mindful Performance Enhancement Instructor Trainer (MSPE Protocol)
  • Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching
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