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Mental Training Program Features
Free 15 minutes consultation before you buy

It can be scheduled online or in person

In-person, online, or at the sport training sessions

The mental training program can be delivered at the office, online, or at your training location.

Group sessions for the entire team

I can offer group mental training sessions or train the coaches to deliver the mental training program to the team

Professional Biofeedback equipment

I use only high-quality professional Biofeedback equipment FDA cleared.

Mental Training Program Payment Options
One Time Payment

This option includes a 10% discount for the packages. You can also make multiple payments at a discounted price if you have a PayPal or AfterPay account.

Multiple Payment Option

By choosing the multiple payment options, you can finance the package amount at the regular price in six equal monthly payments.

Individual sessions
Pay for each session as we go!
Initial Evaluation
It includes all the assessments
Package of six sessions
Six sessions at a discounted price
Package of six sessions with the payment plan
Six sessions at the regular price
6 X $175
Mental Training Package (in-person or online)
It includes the initial evaluation and six sessions at a discounted price
Mental Training Package multiple payments 
It includes the initial evaluation and six sessions at the regular price
 6 X $205
 Mental Pathways to Peak Performance
The self-paced Mental Training Program
Mental Training for Coaches and Teams
The entire team is one client
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